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ESP Modular Controller

Designed with your growing landscape needs in mind, the ESP Modular controller is flexible, simple to use and Rain Bird reliable.


- Modular stations allow you to flexibly add more irrigation zones as your landscape grows.  Easily upgrade from 4 stations to 13 stations with the addition of 3-station modules.

- Large LCD with real-time text messages and simple dial makes this controller very easy to use.

- Built-in 5-year lithium battery and non-volatile memory keeps time, date and watering schedules intact during power outages.

- Unique Auxiliary Station™ allows you to water even when an installed sensor system has temporarily suspended the controller from watering.  Ideal for your lawn sprinkler system when watering under covered patios, operating landscape lighting, fountains or other non-irrigation systems.

- 3 programs, 4 start times, 365-day calendar with 4 irrigation cycles to meet all your watering schedule needs.