what if my lawn sprinkler system does not turn on?

It is highly recommended to winterize your lawn sprinkler system to prevent your backflow and ultimately, the rest of the system from freezing then cracking and breaking.

Do I need to be home for service?

A start up is a pre-season check of your lawn sprinkler system.  We check systems for faulty or broken heads. We clean nozzles that have been clogged. We regulate nozzles for direction of throw and rate of discharge. We test valves for wear and leakage and we test the system completely for adequate coverage.

There are many reasons for excess water in your yard.  One way to troubleshoot this concern in your lawn sprinkler system is to turn off the main valve to the sprinkler system and wait a few days.  If the wet spot dries up, call for service.

what is winterizing?

what if i turned off the water to my lawn sprinkler system but my backflow is dripping water?

In most cases, it is more economical for you to have us repair the lawn sprinkler system after the damage is done.

Brown spots are caused by excessive heat.  To solve this problem, water your lawn longer.  If it is cloudy and cool, you can water your lawn less frequently.

Do I need to winterize?

what do i do if there is a wet spot?

​​If your clock is not working properly:

1. Check GFI switch; be sure there is power to outlet

2. Unplug for 10 seconds and plug back in

3. Buy contact spray and spray any wire contact; you can find contact spray here: CONTACT SPRAY

We drain the water from the sprinkler pipes by blowing air through them with a compressor.  This prevents the water from freezing and bursting the pipes in your lawn sprinkler system.

do i need to unplug my clock for the winter?

Is the clock in the "on" position?  Is the rain sensor wet?  Is the rain sensor constructed?  Has the rain sensor wire been cut?  Is it plugged into a GFI switch?  If it is, does the GFI switch have to be reset?  Is there power at the plug?  Is the fuse blown?  Are the 'A' and 'B' programs properly scheduled? If you are still having problems after all these concerns are checked, please call for service.

what do i do if my clock blows a fuse?

October to November is the ideal time to winterize your lawn sprinkler system before the freezing weather comes.  If you are an existing customer, please reference your Winterizing card that you should get in the mail around September/October.  It contains the date we will be in your area for the winterizing.

Lawn sprinklers are not installed to water shrubs.  Because of the deep roots in the shrubs, a separate shrub zone or drip irrigation will be needed for new landscaping.  Established shrubs do not need a lot of water.

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about LASS Irrigation lawn sprinkler repairs and lawn sprinkler system installations for your lawn sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler System

Frequently Asked Questions

will my lawn sprinkler system water my shrubs?

when should i winterize?

No.  Switch the clock to the off position and leave it plugged in so it will retain your existing program for the following year.

The inside valve is likely not closing properly and will need to be replaced.

what do i do if i have a rain sensor and my lawn sprinkler system still runs in the rain?

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More than likely, an old valve solenoid switch in your lawn sprinkler system will short out the fuse and will need to replace the solenoid.

What is a start-up?

i am having work done on my property, do i need to make an appointment to move my lawn sprinklers before my contractor comes?

why does my lawn have brown spots?

Rain Sensor's absorb rain very slowly (just like your lawn), a fast five minute down pour will not shut the system down.

Most of the time, no. Most repairs can be done by manually operating your lawn sprinkler system from the valve box outside.  If your valves are not in a box or are not accessible or if you are having a problem with your times, you will need to make an appointment so we can access your clock.