Repair estimates:  $95.00*

*Estimate charges will be deducted off the repair charges should you choose to use us.

(Plus tax)

​​​​​Service Call Rates:

Installation and Rates

Installation and Rates

Sales tax is not included*
Prices are subject to change*
Additional parts and repair labor extra*

 1-  6 zones:       $87.00
 7-10 zones:       $105.00
11-16 zones:      $120.00
17-20 zones:    $155.00
   21+ zones:    $170.00

The above discounted rates apply to any Start-Up or Winterizing that is scheduled when we are in your area.

Discounted Rates for Start-Up or Winterizing:

Repair Estimates:

​​​Service calls:

         $95.00 first 1/2 hour
         $150.00 per hour

(Plus tax and any additional parts used)

Watch as we skillfully install Lawn Sprinkler Pipe under Pavers

​During installation of your lawn sprinkler system, LASS Irrigation uses a vibratory plow that does no damage to your existing lawn.  It cuts a slit through the grass pulling the pipe in behind it.  The cut in the lawn heals in a few weeks and becomes completely unnoticeable that will leave your lawn looking as it always has been, equipped with the tools for making it even better.  Most jobs are done in one or two days.  Once the pipe is laid, the heads are installed with a swing joint insert fitting.  They are secured with stainless steal clamps that do not leak, rust, or rot as some other fittings do. LASS Irrigation will tap the cold water line with a ball valve for winter time shut off.  After the ball valve is installed, a brass PVB backflow preventer will be mounted outside to protect your drinking water.  All valves will be enclosed in a protective valve box, accessible for service.  The heads are adjusted, the site is cleaned and all is explained to the homeowner.  Installation with LASS Irrigation is quick, painless and professional.

edison, new jersey